Friday, February 5, 2010

The Lovely List - Friday Wrap Up

I've spent my week among sparkly and shiny things for Holiday 2010. I hate to just skip over spring altogether, but I'm already looking forward to another season of glitz and glitter!

*These headpieces by Jennifer Behr are the new tiara.

*I have to agree with Kathryn that subdued neutrals with a silvery finish feel so luxurious and 'now'.

*How jealous are we all that Jennifer Ramos can look like a million dollars in a $200 dollar wedding dress?

*100LC's color palettes make me want to throw my furniture out the window and start over.

*I've been checking back every day and will start again on Monday until this wedding gets posted. I mean...that dress...could it be real?

Have a sweet superbowl weekend!

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