Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Ladie's Lingerie - Jenny Packham debut

I wouldn't say I'm too shy for lingerie, but maybe just too much of a goofball for it. It's funny to take myself seriously, especially when it's so meditated. But with the beautiful vintage inspired lingerie that Jenny Packham is introducing, I think I could put on my game face and become a real pro. The kimonos alone are enough to make you want to start bedtime at 5pm! Now if I remember correctly, the sheer exhaustion that follows a wedding day would make these lovely treats a bit of an effort. But throw them in your suitcase and relive all of the love on your honeymoon!

Don't miss out on the fun if you're already married. These adorable sleep dresses (a much more giggle-less way to say teddy) are perfect for this valentine's day...and with plenty of time to hit the gym and tone up for the big reveal.

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