Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From try, to buy, to tie - Amanda Part 1

Armed with my mom, two maids of honor and a strapless bra...I took the plunge and started looking for a wedding dress in NYC. The experience was thrilling with both the good and bad connotations of the word. The journey took me from the biggest names in the industry to an elderly seamstress's apartment on the upper east side, all in the name of finding THE perfect dress (for me).

Unfortunately, taking pictures is discouraged but even if it wasn't, all of us were so consumed with the task at hand we barely remembered we had a camera. So, I will attempt to show you my finds through pictures of models wearing the dresses, but needless to say models look good in everything, which is probably lesson #1 - just because you like the way it looks in pictures does not mean the dress will look good on you.

And here are some examples, I loved the Christos dress (left) and Melissa Sweet dress (right) and although I still think they are stunning dresses, unfortunately they just didn't work on me. Ce la vie!

Now, these following four dresses were some of the big contenders...

The top left dress is the standard Monique Lhuillier all lace dress. It's form fitting and flattering and made a great first try on dress. We all definitely got into the wedding spirit after seeing it on. For me, I feel I see this type of dress everywhere and although I started to understand why since it was so beautiful on, I want a more unique look.

The top right dress is from Lela Rose and although I was loving it at the time, even seeing the picture now, I know it's not the one. The dress is probably "too adult" for me and wouldn't succeed in showing off my youth and whimsy.

On the bottom left is a dress from Cymbeline, the neckline is quite unique with all the tiny ruffles creating a beautiful focal point. The one layer you can see in the picture continues with more down to the bottom of the dress. I'm still considering this dress and I'd love any and all your thoughts on it. Please share in the comments!

The bottom right dress is by Le Spose di Gio, a wonderful Italian designer. I tried on this dress at a big bridal salon and since it was the first dress that piqued the interest of the group, I felt I was being pushed into making a decision. I did feel glamorous in this dress, very old Hollywood and the back has a beautiful open circle. But I can't get past the negative experience I had while in the dress. What do you think? Does a pushy bridal consultant impact your decision?

There were many more dresses I squeezed in and out of over the two day excursion and one dress I'm not ready to share yet that just may be THE ONE. We are working on a new series here at Lovely called "From try, to buy, to tie" so I will continue to share my dress hunt with you until I make a purchase and then ultimately tie the knot. I trust our Lovely readers and would love your thoughts and feedback along the way!

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