Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alix & Kelly - Only at Lovely

In our slow reveal strategy, we are ready to tell you about another Lovely designer...well actual two of them. Alix Friedberg & Kelly Mijailovic are the fantastic design duo behind Alix & Kelly.

Alix and Kelly's careers in film wardrobing and costume design have made them perfectly suited for the biggest production of all: your wedding. It makes sense that two gals who know how to suit up an actress for a 10 hour work day with intense moving and lights and direction would make wedding gowns. Don't you just hate those dresses that looked great on a sketch but you can't sit, stand, or hug your husband in them? Won't happen from Alix & Kelly! Their goal was to create simple yet beautiful wedding dresses, which are obvious from the pictures below.

You can tell these gowns have amazing movement, and will look good from all angles. And can you believe all of the options on the Madeline gown? And did I mention it was under $1000! One gown, worn three ways....that's only $333 per way!

We are so excited to welcome Alix & Kelly to Lovely and also excited to be their exclusive NYC supplier of the bridal line. Can't wait to see these dreamy gowns fit for a movie star!

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