Monday, February 22, 2010

A Blogger Goodbye - A Wordpress Hello

It's so hard to say goodbye. You have been so easy going and uncomplicated for the past few years. You are dependable and never crash when the going gets tough. But at the end of the day, you just can't do enough for me. The relationship is just so-so. I don't want to ask you to change, that would be unfair. I think you are great and definitely right for someone else, someone who doesn't have as many needs as I do. See, it's not you, it's me. I just think it's fair to let you know that I've been seeing wordpress, and it's time we made it official.

Goodbye blogger. If wordpress lets me down, I'll try to not come groveling back.


Friday, February 19, 2010

The Lovely List - Friday Wrap Up

As an end to what we can officially refer to as "Aussie Week", lets spread the love around to more great Australian finds.

*You must take a look at the stunning 1930s inspired gowns from Johanna Johnson. Take an even closer look here (via Ruffled)

* Ava Madison is yet another amazing Aussie designer of bridesmaid dresses

*We love vintage mixed matched china, this photo provides great inspiration for place settings

*Can't make a trip Down Under? Shop online at Maximillia for great {Alt} Bridal dresses. Love, love, and love

*Great local shop with a Lovely connection

Wishing everyone a happy weekend!

One Great Dress - Uniquely Australian

You didn't think we were done with the outback yet, did you? Especially not after you see this dress! An utterly unique creation. This dress has tons going on, we could stare at it for hours. Its a little bit vintage, a little bit sparkle and whole lot of personality. The beautifully composed pictures are from none other than Samm Blake...our new photog crush. The whole wedding scoop including where this stunner of dress came from is over at PolkaDot Bride.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Real Weddings - More Aussie Eye Candy

Ok let's just make this official. We are obsessed with Australia. Between the amazing AU weddings floating around the blogs, the tortuous facebook updates I've been getting of my bff 'working' for next four months at Bondi Beach, and then to top it off, we come across Samm Blake...a photographer who takes dreamy photos that look both vintage and modern at the same time. When Samm shared these images of Melissa and Shaun's wedding, we couldn't help be a little jealous of Melissa's amazing dress and hair accessories. Red with jealousy actually, just like those gorgeous shoes.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wedding to Honeymoon - Aussie style

Still thinking about all the beautiful Australian weddings from yesterday? Me too.

And it turns out if I could fly Down Under tomorrow, it wouldn't take me long to find an incredible wedding dress, adorable bridesmaids dresses AND drool worth honeymoon outfits. Done, done and done! Oh how I wish...

Bridal - Collette Dinnigan (she designed Rachel's dress from yesterday)

Bridesmaids - Juliette Hogan

Honeymoon - Fleur Woods

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Front Row Sneak Peak of Badgley Mischka Fall 2010

We were lucky enough to sit FRONT ROW at Badgley Mischka's Fall 2010 runway show today in the Bryant Park tents. The boys had yet another showing of lucious ballgowns that left us wondering...we will see white versions on their bridal line in April? A girl can dream!

This dress and the images were so angelic, they deserved a feature. The lighting was moody, so the pictures were blurry...but aren't they kind of fab that way?

Weddings Down Under - Australia

Amazing Australian weddings seem to be popping up all over the blogosphere, and here at Lovely we are experiencing major Aussie envy. We love the perfect mix of laid-back and gorgeous that exudes from the photos. In a way, these weddings effortlessly represent the qualities we've come to love and associate with the country of Australia...beautiful, fun, natural and stress-free!

Ali + Tim's wedding shot by Sugar Love Weddings via {frolic!}

Anna's wedding shot by Sean Murray via her blog!

Brad + Rachel's wedding shot by Glen Allsop via Once Wed

Tamie + Adam's wedding shot by Mint Photography via Once Wed

Too bad Australia is a good 24 hour flight from NYC (too far for a destination wedding?) because these photographers are all amazing and the locations just dreamy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Real Wedding - JFK and Jackie

Hee Hee. What better way to celebrate President's Day then to look back on one of the weddings of the century. How adorable is Jackie's dress, designed by dressmaker Ann Lowe. I love that the styling is not so far off what you are seeing today, with fitted bodices and decorated skirts. It's very similar to many of the rose patterned ball gowns that were seen on the runway last October. And the photography style is enviable.

It's hard to mention JFK's wedding without reminiscing about JFK Jr's wedding. That Carolyn Bessette...people talk about that Narciso Rodriguez dress to this day...a dress that launched his career really. They were the real trendsetters in rustic barn weddings when they got married over a decade ago on Cumberland Island, Georgia.

Photos sourced from the following places: Dailyville, Fashionbride, Extra TV, Million Dollar Blog, Zimbio

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Video Valentine

A year later and I still love this video. I thought of it this morning as hubs made me breakfast in bed and we chilled for hours watching tivo'd Olympics. Enjoy and Happy Love Day!

Check out youtube today as they highlight some love videos, including this surprise marriage proposal.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Man's Cupcake - Too sweet not to post!

I almost fell off my chair this morning when I saw this on Daily Candy. First, Spanx for men, and now cupcakes. Ladies is nothing in our world sacred anymore? At first glance I was shaken, but then considered what a great groom's cake this would make, especially with the popularity of cupcakes in place of wedding cakes. A 'his' and 'hers' of sorts. With a good percentage of these cupcakes being alcohol infused, you can cut down your liquor bill to boot!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

One Great Dress-Vintage

I can't not love 3-D flowers. This vintage tea length dress is so sweet and simple in silhouette, but it's really the embellishment that make it stunning.

Image shot by Jessica Claire via Green Wedding Shoes

Alix & Kelly - Only at Lovely

In our slow reveal strategy, we are ready to tell you about another Lovely designer...well actual two of them. Alix Friedberg & Kelly Mijailovic are the fantastic design duo behind Alix & Kelly.

Alix and Kelly's careers in film wardrobing and costume design have made them perfectly suited for the biggest production of all: your wedding. It makes sense that two gals who know how to suit up an actress for a 10 hour work day with intense moving and lights and direction would make wedding gowns. Don't you just hate those dresses that looked great on a sketch but you can't sit, stand, or hug your husband in them? Won't happen from Alix & Kelly! Their goal was to create simple yet beautiful wedding dresses, which are obvious from the pictures below.

You can tell these gowns have amazing movement, and will look good from all angles. And can you believe all of the options on the Madeline gown? And did I mention it was under $1000! One gown, worn three ways....that's only $333 per way!

We are so excited to welcome Alix & Kelly to Lovely and also excited to be their exclusive NYC supplier of the bridal line. Can't wait to see these dreamy gowns fit for a movie star!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From try, to buy, to tie - Amanda Part 1

Armed with my mom, two maids of honor and a strapless bra...I took the plunge and started looking for a wedding dress in NYC. The experience was thrilling with both the good and bad connotations of the word. The journey took me from the biggest names in the industry to an elderly seamstress's apartment on the upper east side, all in the name of finding THE perfect dress (for me).

Unfortunately, taking pictures is discouraged but even if it wasn't, all of us were so consumed with the task at hand we barely remembered we had a camera. So, I will attempt to show you my finds through pictures of models wearing the dresses, but needless to say models look good in everything, which is probably lesson #1 - just because you like the way it looks in pictures does not mean the dress will look good on you.

And here are some examples, I loved the Christos dress (left) and Melissa Sweet dress (right) and although I still think they are stunning dresses, unfortunately they just didn't work on me. Ce la vie!

Now, these following four dresses were some of the big contenders...

The top left dress is the standard Monique Lhuillier all lace dress. It's form fitting and flattering and made a great first try on dress. We all definitely got into the wedding spirit after seeing it on. For me, I feel I see this type of dress everywhere and although I started to understand why since it was so beautiful on, I want a more unique look.

The top right dress is from Lela Rose and although I was loving it at the time, even seeing the picture now, I know it's not the one. The dress is probably "too adult" for me and wouldn't succeed in showing off my youth and whimsy.

On the bottom left is a dress from Cymbeline, the neckline is quite unique with all the tiny ruffles creating a beautiful focal point. The one layer you can see in the picture continues with more down to the bottom of the dress. I'm still considering this dress and I'd love any and all your thoughts on it. Please share in the comments!

The bottom right dress is by Le Spose di Gio, a wonderful Italian designer. I tried on this dress at a big bridal salon and since it was the first dress that piqued the interest of the group, I felt I was being pushed into making a decision. I did feel glamorous in this dress, very old Hollywood and the back has a beautiful open circle. But I can't get past the negative experience I had while in the dress. What do you think? Does a pushy bridal consultant impact your decision?

There were many more dresses I squeezed in and out of over the two day excursion and one dress I'm not ready to share yet that just may be THE ONE. We are working on a new series here at Lovely called "From try, to buy, to tie" so I will continue to share my dress hunt with you until I make a purchase and then ultimately tie the knot. I trust our Lovely readers and would love your thoughts and feedback along the way!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

{ALT} Bride - Lovin' a Sleeve

We know sleeved wedding gowns are more than just a fashion statement for many brides. Whether religion, tradition, or modesty dictate covering your arms or shoulders, the popularity of the strapless gown has made it pretty difficult to find something chic and sleeved. Luckily, sleeves have started to make a comeback so the options are only growing. Here are some of our favorite sleeved gowns.

The cap sleeve has an Edwardian romance feel. Whitney's mom made her dress and the sweetie on the right is one of our favorite Rodney Smith photos.

For a part time sleeve, shrugs are a great option. You can get two complete looks and shed the layer when you heat up the dance floor. Ginny's vintage shrug is to die for and eclectic in it's contrasting fabrics and colors while the Oscar De La Renta shrug is more traditional in a matching fabric.

Lastly, elbow lengths have made a comeback well before Ivanka Trump got married in her elbow sleeve Vera Wang. This look is best suited for lace or another sheer fabric so you don't risk looking drab. ODLR's version is so cute for a pretty Connecticut lawn wedding and Kesh's ensemble is really just a lace top and a genius to use seperates to achieve the look!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Real Wedding - Maui breeze, laid back ease

I'm hoping that by staring at this image long enough, I'll be magically transported to the place that Jennifer and Sebastien got married last November.

Amelia Lyon, who photographed the wedding, has the unique knack of taking photos that evoke the exact mood of the wedding. If it's a glam wedding, the photos are fit as artwork for the Plaza hotel. If it's a beach wedding in Maui, you start to relax just by looking at the photos, and just a little, you can hear Jack Johnson strumming in the background. And Amelia does this all while keeping that signature Lyon style that makes her subjects look like the most beautiful people alive. Speaking of Jenn and gorge is this couple?

Jennifer's look has such a laid back ease to it while still being stunning. And the pop of color in her hair accessories are perfect for a tropical setting. When asked about how she would define her look for the day, Jenn answered:

My personal style is very laid back, but feminine! I almost always opt for comfort and functionality. I am happiest in jeans & tees, sundresses & flip flops! My dress is by Alfred Sung and was literally the last dress I tried on! I was enamored with a Vera Wang gown I'd found earlier that day and was going through the motions trying other styles and designers on... I slipped into this one and it fit perfectly! I loved how it hugged my body in all the right places. I had it altered slightly so it was softer, more romantic, and more me! It felt right! My accessories were suuuper simple. I don't wear a lot of jewelry and wanted to feel like myself on our day. I bought simple, classic looking earrings for $9.95(!) at American Eagle Outfitters of all places! My lovely feather hair clip (with vintage jewelry) was purchased on Etsy and made by the talented Neva Plume. My amazing hair and makeup artist Nicole DeAnne added more peacock feathers to give it even more of a "wow" factor. It all came together perfectly if you ask me!

We love the way Jenn throws in the cheap and chic accessories into her wedding day. She was obviously doing it her way, with a sound budget in mind. Nothing makes a wedding day more relaxed then knowing you can afford your honeymoon! Jenn's advice may help you newly engaged do the same:

I think for your wedding it is SO important to connect with who you are and what YOU want for your day! It's easy to get caught up in expectations and suggestions from well meaning family and friends, but in the end you'll only be happy following your heart! The same can be said for choosing a husband. Sorry ladies, I already snagged the best one!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Lovely List - Friday Wrap Up

I've spent my week among sparkly and shiny things for Holiday 2010. I hate to just skip over spring altogether, but I'm already looking forward to another season of glitz and glitter!

*These headpieces by Jennifer Behr are the new tiara.

*I have to agree with Kathryn that subdued neutrals with a silvery finish feel so luxurious and 'now'.

*How jealous are we all that Jennifer Ramos can look like a million dollars in a $200 dollar wedding dress?

*100LC's color palettes make me want to throw my furniture out the window and start over.

*I've been checking back every day and will start again on Monday until this wedding gets posted. I mean...that dress...could it be real?

Have a sweet superbowl weekend!

Elizabeth Dye Runway Photos - A Novel Romance

We just can't get enough of Elizabeth Dye's charming and romantic gowns, so when Lisa Warninger sent over these gorgeous photos of Elizabeth's runway show on January 31st, we had to post them right away! A back to back Elizabeth Dye extravaganza!

First adorable is Elizabeth? And some of these close ups of Lisa's work are flat out framable! Can you believe how gorgeous her work is...and this was all done on the fly during a live show?

Elizabeth partnered with the talented Myra Callan from Twigs and Honey for the frosting on top. We are so amazed by the talent coming out of Portland these days. Lovely is proud to be the exclusive east coast stockist on a couple of these talents (hint..hint)

Thanks Lisa for allowing the Lovely readers a back stage pass to one of the most amazing events of 2010! Bravo Elizabeth, Myra, and Lisa!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Elizabeth Dye - Only at Lovely!

We are still a day away from signing a lease for the new Lovely bridal shop, but we just have to spill the beans on some of the amazing designers we are going to carry! We bet a lot of you have seen these amazing pictures by Lisa Warninger floating around the web of Elizabeth Dye's latest bridal line. Well we are proud to announce Lovely will be carrying Elizabeth's gorgeous and original designs exclusively in NYC! Elizabeth's talent is beyond and we are so excited to carry all that she dreams up each season.

We just can't wait to see these babies in person and are sure you can't either! Below are the styles we'll carry, so you can start jotting down your favorites and we'll let you know when we are up and running and you can pay a visit! Can you tell how excited we are...we've overused the exclamation point!!!

Go to to sign up for our e-blasts and you'll be one of the first to know we are open! Hey, you may even get on the list for our cool grand opening party! And keep checking our blog as we slowly tease and announce more from our design roster each week.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Somber Mood - Beautiful Dress

I'm feeling a little mellow today...but also kind of peaceful. This image basically sums up my mood, and is all the posting I can muster today. Hopefully will be up and up tomorrow and get back to some fab fashions!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Ladie's Lingerie - Jenny Packham debut

I wouldn't say I'm too shy for lingerie, but maybe just too much of a goofball for it. It's funny to take myself seriously, especially when it's so meditated. But with the beautiful vintage inspired lingerie that Jenny Packham is introducing, I think I could put on my game face and become a real pro. The kimonos alone are enough to make you want to start bedtime at 5pm! Now if I remember correctly, the sheer exhaustion that follows a wedding day would make these lovely treats a bit of an effort. But throw them in your suitcase and relive all of the love on your honeymoon!

Don't miss out on the fun if you're already married. These adorable sleep dresses (a much more giggle-less way to say teddy) are perfect for this valentine's day...and with plenty of time to hit the gym and tone up for the big reveal.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Wedding Stylist - Katy Perry

Unbeknownst to her, I've been planning Katy Perry's alleged wedding to Russell Brand for a few weeks now. I mean, can you blame me? The girl has oodles of style and it's hard NOT to dream up what her wedding should look like.

I know RED is the obvious color of choice, but for her wedding, I think Katy will soften it up a bit..try something a bit more CLASSIC. I love the way pink has taken on a slightly gothic-romantic edge when paired with black. It feels sweet and vintage, with a hint of edge...just like Katy! A soft pink and black palette will carry from her bouquet to her cake to her wedding attire. A black birdcage veil, heavy black liquid liner, and a soft ballet pink lip will be a perfect look for Katy. And this Oscar De La Renta peplum dress is a dead ringer for her gown. What a simple and romantic wedding for Katy...

Until the gold lame Elvis impersonator presides over the wedding, she sports this micro mini Anne Barge cocktail dress for the reception (which she can buy at Lovely), and she hops into a vintage pink Cadillac complete with gold rims and fuzzy dice for the getaway. Would you expect anything less from the ultra-original Katy?