Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I love shortie wedding dresses

How TDF (to die for) is Audra's cocktail length dress? Her hubby Brian cleans up pretty nicely too. We love that he gets all of the color pops...why leave that fun to the bridesmaids? The fantastic Sloan photographers shot the wedding, and as usual, the made sure they got awesome up close and personal detail of one of the major highlights of the day...wait for it...THE DRESS!


  1. Hi
    Can you tell me who made this dress?
    I'm having a super hard time finding cute short wedding dresses !

  2. Hi Nicole
    The tough thing about short dresses is that they usually can't be found in bridal stores. We are going to stock some in Lovely, because I think they are so chic! This dress looks like the BCBG dress I've spied at Nordstrom. Here is the link and good luck!

  3. Thank you!
    I have to say it looks so much better on the bride! I've looked a little at BCBG, hoping they have a new spring line out soon.. do you have any other suggestions for short (knee or above the knee) dresses? I really want on of SarahSeven's dresses but she is swamped right now and I can't get a hold of her. Any other shops you recommend me looking at?
    THANK YOU! and thanks for also saying it's tough- it is! :)

  4. Another designer I adore is Elizabeth Dye. She does mostly custom so can do a short dress no problem. Check her out as well as Heidi Elnora who does cute short styles...mostly custom. Both Lovely designers I plan to carry in my store! I would also check out Sue Wong, Betsy Johnson and Marchesa if you want to spend a little more. They may have these designers at Bloomingdales as well where you could probably find a good sale! When is your wedding? Perhaps I could help you through our store once we open.

  5. Thank you, Those designers' dresses look super cute ! When do you plan on opening your store in NYC? I'm in SF but might be coming to work to NYC for a few days sometime in the next few weeks. I don't think you're opening until the Spring but I thought I'd ask. My wedding is early June, so I feel like I need to figure this out very soon- especially if I get a custom made dress. Budget is under 1k.
    Thank you for your help & advice!
    - Nicole

  6. Hey Nicole
    Probably won't be open until March. Let me know what you decide to do...would love to see a picture of the dress you decide on!