Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hello World

Lovely to meet you all. We are embarking on a journey add another dimension to the bridal gown shopping experience. We want a store that catches up to all of the wonderful changes that are happening in the world! We will entice you D.I.Y brides to own your dress shopping experience. Walk-ins welcome with as many try-ons as you want...Appointments optional! And to give you bridechillas a relaxed, fun, and inspirational shopping environment that rivals your favorite boutiques. A bridal store should be your favorite place to be, not a dreaded place to be! And lastly but very importantly, to give you all of the style of a lovely wedding gown without having to sell your first born. No gown will be over $5,000 and most will be in the $2,000 range, some as low as $695! So whether you're a bride on a budget or a bride with no budget...who is doing a couple of changes (you know who you are) we'll have options for you!

Essentially, we are creating a bridal store that makes you feel like this.

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