Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year...a little early

Although I decided to officially take the week off, I got so excited when I saw this image, that I was inspired to whip up a little bridemaids look around it.

It is not often that one image is powerful enough that it can fuel the whole story, but this one sure can! Perhaps it's just me, eagerly awaiting my flight to Miami tomorrow for a New Years vacation, but I think this Mango and Papaya palette with shots of gold is Ab Fab. And the Confetti System decor is to die. If you were lucky enough to scoop up the Confetti System special edition at Urban Outfitters this Holiday, you were a smart, forward thinking bride. On another DIY tip to all of you summer brides, hit your local Wal-Mart and Target now to buy the 80% Christmas lights. You won't regret it as you get closer and realize how much these decorations are when they are branded 'Wedding' instead of 'Christmas'. Happy 2010 my lovelies!

Dresses from Bluefly

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Great Dress-Let's pretend it's Friday

and post ONE GREAT DRESS shot by Jessica Claire. We are signing off for the week to enjoy some Christmas festivities. Hope you all get everything you want this Christmas...which means we'll see many of you at Lovely in the new year to buy your wedding dresses!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rehearse the fabulous dress

We love this look for a rehearsal dinner. No reason why you should only wear one amazing white dress! We think both the mood and the makeup in these shots by Kate Headley is just a little reminder to brides that less can be more.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Color Explosion

It was fun to read 100 Layer Cake's year end review last Friday. If you can't tell, we also totally dig inspiration boards, and got a kick out of hearing 100 Layer Cake's shout out to Snippet & Ink for inspiring color boards everywhere. We have been inspired both by Snippet & Ink and 100 Layer's Cake versions, and thought we would take a little spin on the concept in our own Lovely and fashiony way by styling out some fab bridesmaids looks in each inspiration board. We die for mis-matched bmaids, and sometimes the coordinated chaos is a little difficult to pull off. Lovely is here to help!

You can tell from today's board, that we're getting a little 'over' the Snowy Christmas and a little 'jazzed' about tearing up a dance floor this New Year's Eve! We love the electricity in this palette. Not only is it fresh and juicy but has a youthful edge too. After all, we are leaving the decade of 00s and heading into our TEENS!

Top Row: Bouquet from The Knot gallery, 80's hottie from Surface Magazine
Bottom Row: Table display from Party Rentals LTD
Dress from Bluefly

Friday, December 18, 2009

One Great Dress-Sophisticated Ruffles-NOT an Oxymoron

We've decided to sign off each friday with a signature 'Lovely' feature we're calling ONE GREAT DRESS. One picture, one dress, one breaktaking example of how it all came together in sheer perfection. You know, the perfect dress shot that you might even print and frame even though you didn't go to the wedding, and may not even know the couple in the picture. Like this shot from Punam Bean. Try to breathe after that heavy gasp and have a LOVELY WEEKEND!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some Love from The Style Collective

I was flattered to be a guest blogger today on the wonderful Style Collective blog. I mean, these ladies are the aficionados of style, so does that make me an aficionadee? Either way, thanks ladies, for the shout out. Check out my tips on how to reuse those bridesmaids dresses for a fun and funky New Years Eve party...YES, you can wear them again!

Picture on right from Lucky Magazine...all three tips in one: a belt, leather jacket, and opaque black tights!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh So Chanel

How coco-cool would this Chanel inspired wedding be? Apparently Karl Lagerfeld also had wedding on the brain when he designed this tdf staircase for the Spring 2009 couture show that was drenched with gorgeous paper flowers. The black and white is so chic, and with hints of ballet pink....drooling! Imagine bridesmaids laiden with pearls, dresses like flirty tutus, and you can gift the girls gorgeous 'cc' necklaces. Would be so perfect for the wedding of Charlotte and Corey, Carrie and Christopher, Camille and get our drift.

Top row: Chanel Spring 2009 show
Bottom row: H&M Ad Campaign and Chanel via Captivate Me
Dresses from Bluefly

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I love shortie wedding dresses

How TDF (to die for) is Audra's cocktail length dress? Her hubby Brian cleans up pretty nicely too. We love that he gets all of the color pops...why leave that fun to the bridesmaids? The fantastic Sloan photographers shot the wedding, and as usual, the made sure they got awesome up close and personal detail of one of the major highlights of the day...wait for it...THE DRESS!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stormy Weather

Stormy weather is certainly what many brides experienced in 2009, myself included! But this weekend, as it rained and poured, I decided that I would stop complaining, and instead, I would embrace the weather with a lovely moody, stormy inspiration board. I can imagine a sophisticated wedding like this complimented by shimmery satins and feathery create a light and floaty snowflake atmosphere.

Top row: Caroline Seikaly, Martha Stewart
Bottom row: Martha Stewart, Kate Towers
Dresses from Bluefly

Friday, December 11, 2009

Norah Jones-great new CD, and even better bridal portrait

I almost dropped my grande caramel brulee latte with whipped cream and those crunchy sugar crystals (hey it's the holidays...i can cheat) when I spied the CD cover of Norah Jone's new album. I def. die for her dress first of all. Loving feathers right now, and then the top hat is the new fake mustache for photo opps at a wedding! For a quirkie wedding this would be the ultimate bridal portrait, so clip this ladies and give to your photog as an idea!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bashful and Blush

Do you all remember the Shelby's wedding 'cuhlas' (colors) of bashful and blush? A decade later, we're still in love with this palette. And even more in love with Bluefly's wedding site that allows you to sort by 'cuhla' Why didn't anyone think of this a decade ago? It really helps pull together a chic mis-matched wedding party. TDF (to die for) All these dresses are LY from Bluefly, but they have some great new pink pretties in.

Pics on left from snippet & ink
Pic on right from the talented Kate Towers
Dresses from Bluefly

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear Weather Gods

Please bring us some of this...

Now that we have finished this...

Lovely Snow Photo by Mr Jeff Newsom. Lovely Tree Trimming by Mr Husband.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Drama Dress

We have to admit, we love a good ballgown, especially when it's soft, flowy, and has a ethereal vibe like this one, shot by the lovely Punam Bean

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

{ALT} Bride

A friend of mine got married in a jiffy this summer, grabbed a cute little dress off of and rocked a totally unique look that you won't find on repeat in wedding magazines. I adore her bravery. So in day dreaming how I would do it all again if I needed a quickie dress, I decided to puruse my favorite sites and find some great alternatives for you.

J'adore this Camilla and Marc number, especially since you can throw on a belt and a blazer and wear it on the honeymoon.

This Anthro dress would be sooo cute with black tights and black patten pumps...tres Zoe Deschanel.

And there is nothing wrong with a wedding dress that feels like a tshirt. Rachel Pally's dresses are sooo buttery soft.

This little Anzevino & Florence number is so tres, and on sale!

And lastly, but mostly, for the spunky fun bride who likes a little drama, Notte by Marchesa.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Le Blouson

You have to love a bride who is willing to add some fashion sense to her bridal attire. Not everyone can pull off the low waisted blouson dress, but Orso, shot by the talented Leigh Miller, looks fab in hers. Love that she added some throw back finger waves to her hair so that her look is both modern and glamourous. We think you'll see a lot more of this silhouette in the future since it has such a casual elegance.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh please invite me

You know mama loves a great wedding dress photo, but while trolling for one today, I found these amazing pictures of Stacie and Geoff. Every once in awhile, you come across an amazing engagement photo session that just makes your heart leap and just a little bit, you want to say 'invite me to your wedding...I know I don't know you but I can already tell it will be fantastic'. These pics by the husband and wife super-duo, of Angie and Matt Sloan (aka Sloan Photographers) are pretty much frame-able as artwork. Fly these photographers out to your weddings my like these would be well worth it!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I DIE for this wedding dress-Jana and Billy's Wedding

I mean come this dress BE-YOND or what. The ruffles are so sweet and romantic, but Jana still manages to look sophisticated somehow. And I am lovin' a sleeve lately. It is so demure and classy. I would write more, but I'm kind of speechless and think the gorge photos by Sheena Jibson speak for themselves anyway. I'll just go turn red with jealousy like those amazing bushes Sheena captured in her Lovely photos.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Puffy sleeves....the good kind

How gorge is this off the shoulder look from Vennessa and John's wedding, shot by One Love Photo? It looks so chic in photos b/c it really frames her face and back...can also hide some jiggly bits although doesn't look like Vennessa has any. What would be really cool though is if you could remove it for the reception so you could 'throw your hands up in the ai-er' while dancing. Maybe we'll make something cool like that for the store. Like a shrug that meets a shawl. A shrawl. Or a Shug.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hello World

Lovely to meet you all. We are embarking on a journey add another dimension to the bridal gown shopping experience. We want a store that catches up to all of the wonderful changes that are happening in the world! We will entice you D.I.Y brides to own your dress shopping experience. Walk-ins welcome with as many try-ons as you want...Appointments optional! And to give you bridechillas a relaxed, fun, and inspirational shopping environment that rivals your favorite boutiques. A bridal store should be your favorite place to be, not a dreaded place to be! And lastly but very importantly, to give you all of the style of a lovely wedding gown without having to sell your first born. No gown will be over $5,000 and most will be in the $2,000 range, some as low as $695! So whether you're a bride on a budget or a bride with no budget...who is doing a couple of changes (you know who you are) we'll have options for you!

Essentially, we are creating a bridal store that makes you feel like this.